Project plan

Welcome to the project plan for edition 1 of the Tools for Thought Map.

Right Now: Phase 1 (FoTL/OGM early adopters)

Two activities in parallel:

  • Open our discussion about the scoring dimensions to early adopters from FoTL/OGM community (see How we measure thinking tools)
  • get the basic code working and test it
  • all early adopters provide personal profiles and contribute content to Tool and Practice pages

When these two activities converge we will have Phase 2.


  • achieve consensus on dimensions
  • The site actually works somewhat:
    • tool and practice files auto-populated with excerpts from personal profiles
    • data from personal profiles added to datastore
    • spidergraph auto-updated from datastore (ideally)
    • homepage features spidergraph - see homepage spidergraph proposal (but probably without user input form)
    • 404 page process
      • "A better 404 page" - already done
      • Automated template-driven page creation - if possible, otherwise for a later version
    • create a project tracker
  • test above using content from participants
    • people profiles by all participants, using agreed dimensions, with support if needed
    • necessary tool and practice files edited
  • refine site and documentation in light of experience and feedback, creating v2 of both. (understandable by friends of friends)

Ahead of us

Phase 2: Friends of friends

  • Widen the circle of invitees to other people we know interested in the field
  • assess interest, support submitters, refine site, system & documentation

We might do this several times before the site is ready for...

Phase 3: Full launch

The site is promoted by all contributors.

Details TBD, but it will almost certainly involve implementing some of the improvements resulting from Phase 2.

Optionally (this may be outside Edition 1 scope, could come later): add a system allowing non Obsidian / GitHub users to

  • submit their profile
  • add tools and technique files
  • provide scores

Future editions

The idea of having "editions" of the map emerged when we considered that at some point we may need to revise the dimensions we use (see How we measure thinking tools).

If we do revise these dimensions after Phase 1, the data provided by early adopters would need to be manually updated. We see that as representing a new edition.

Behind us

What have we done already?

Phase 0: define, create mockup

At a glance: Peter, Bill & Mathew knock the basic idea around until it's ready for p1

  • Create a first set of scoring dimensions, which will mean aligning various tables developed by various people
  • Get ML up to speed on Massive Wiki (herculanean team effort)
  • site mockup (ML): no actual code, but shows how it will look
    • first draft site structure
    • first draft content types (personal profiles, tools, practices, etc) & ancillary pages


  • vision statement (all)
  • rewrite prototype content according to this plan (ML)
  • create spidergraph mockup p0, add to home page (ML) - done
  • Get Documentation to p1-ready state, including