How to use this site

*This site presents the collective knowledge of NN* People about the thinking tools they use.*

Here's how to tap that knowledge.

Identify your ideal thinking tool shortlist

Everyone contributing to this map rates the thinking tools they use using the dimensions displayed on the spidergraph on the Home Page, which also shows their aggregated scores.

We're currently working on a form where you can input your own personal preferences and see them mapped onto the spidergraph, but for now simply:

  • ask yourself: which dimensions are most important to me?
  • take a look at the spidergraph to identify your personal shortlist: the tool(s) which best match those priorities.

More on those dimensions: How we measure thinking tools

Explore your shortlisted tools...

Some TT* tools can be found via the Tools menu, which points to each tool's Tool Page. This briefly describes the tool and includes brief excerpts from - and links to - the personal profiles of all users who use that tool.

... and their users...

So follow the links to the personal profiles and explore how different people integrate that particular tool into their personal productivity system.

You'll quickly find that each such system is unique. Each could help you get started.

... and their practices

Each person's personal productivity system is different as it is not just composed of tools - they include practices, too. There are probably hundreds of productivity practices: we currently describe PP* of them in the Practices menu.

All thinking tools support one or some of these practices to some degree, so choosing the right tool depends partly on identifying which practices matter most to you, and which tool supports those practices best.

Each practices is described in a Practices page. Like Tool pages, they include a brief description of the practices, followed by brief excerpts from - and links to - the personal profiles of all users who use that practices.

So you can browse from a tool to the profile of someone who uses that tool, to a practices that person uses, to the profile of another person who uses that practices, to a tool that person uses, and so on.


( * ) PS In version 1 (see Project plan) we don't yet have an automated process that calculates the following key metrics:

  • NN = total number of Participants who have submitted personal profiles
  • TT = total number of Tool files
  • PP = total number of Practice files

Revision Notes

2023-01-11: (ML): added postscript explanation re: metrics