How to contribute

There will be several ways to contribute Personal profiles, Tool and Practice pages to the map.

One of the key ideas underpinning collective intelligence is to not force everyone to contribute their knowledge in the same way, so this pilot project will experiment with different approaches.

In Phase 1 of the site (see Project plan), however, we're limiting contributions to:

  • suggest an edit to existing pages via commenting (see How to comment)
  • become a Massive Wiki contributor to both edit pages and create new ones - see below
  • simply [contact us](Contact us).

Mathew Lowry also welcomes comments to the series of blog posts that starts with A Minimum Viable Ecosystem for collective intelligence.

Become a Massive Wiki contributor

This site is a Massive Wiki, which means you can:

  • download its content into your own note-taking system in the form of markdown files
  • do whatever you like with them on your personal machine
  • contribute your edits and entirely new files back to the site
  • get and then accept or reject any updates whenever anyone else contributes knowledge.

A complete user manual is available on the [Massive Wiki](http://Massive Wiki/) site, and this video (from 3m30s) gives you a quick preview. But in brief, you'll need:

  • a GitHub account, so you can fork this site's repository of files
  • Git on your computer, so you can 'pull' new versions of the files from the repository to your computer, and 'push' your edits back to it
  • software to edit the markdown files.

Which software? While you can use any text editor (Notepad, Text Edit, etc.), we recommend Obsidian (with the Obsidian Git plugin) or Pulsar-Edit, or any other tool that uses "wikilink autocomplete". That way you are more likely to link to an existing file (eg roam research), rather than create a new one (eg "roam").

For the same reason, whenever referring to a Tool, please use its full title to reduce the need for "manual gardening" by the editors.

However you submit your personal profile, you'll need to know more about How we measure thinking tools.

Any questions? Contact us.

Future plans

In future Phases we aim to support some or all of the following options to contribute Personal profiles, Tool and Practice pages, along with anything else we can collectively come up with:

  • submit your personal profile via an online Google form (we'll have to do some post-processing, so this won't be our favourite)
  • send in your file(s) (super simple) - set out below.

Send in your files

Submit your personal profile, along with any tool or practice pages not already mentioned, by:

  • download an existing example file (from People, Tools or Practices).
    • go to the page
    • add ".md" at the end of the web address to view the Markdown
    • copy and paste the text or use "save as" to get it onto your computer
  • save it with the name of the person, tool or practice yo want to send in
  • edit the content and submit it via one of the following methods:

If you would you like to improve an existing tool or practice page, simply download the file, as set out above, edit it on your machine and submit it back to us (see above).

Revision Notes

  • 2023-01-22 (ML): fixed some broken links created by file renaming (I thought Obsidian would be immune to this?)
  • 2023-01-13 (ML): reordered and rewrote to match Phase 1.