inbox curation

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What it is

Inbox curation is a practices for reducing today's "information firehose" of content coming at you 24/7 down to a garden hose of the best, most interesting and relevant content, ensuring you spend 90% of your time on the best 10% of the content reaching your various inboxes from these Priority Sources.

Apply inbox curation to your most important sources of information - eg

  • if you subscribe to too many enewsletters, use auto-label to put the most interesting ones in a dedicated #highlight folder
  • if you spend too much time scrolling on #twitter, set up a twitter list of theaccounts which tend to share the most interesting content

Make sure you have a recurring task or appointment to actually look at these Priority Source - see #GTD

Contributed by Mathew Lowry

Who uses it, how

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Revision Notes

  • 2023-01-22: updated to match current practice template