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WIP / Doing

Up Next

  • [x] permanent versions and version control:
  • [x] retrieve bullets for tasks from git log (sigh)
  • [x] move back to Airtable from Kanban
  • [x] push TFT Map Builder to repo in FoTL github org


  • [x] clean up / organize "dimensions" pages
  • [x] fix CSS in comment form #PK
  • [x] fill out sections on Peter Kaminski profile page #PK
  • [x] Discuss internal project pages vs. external-facing pages
  • [x] Finalise how we will use "confidence in score"
  • [x] add 'download .md of this page' link to template, incorporate into How to contribute
  • [x] logo and favicons


  • [x] add kanban for project task mgt #PK
  • [ ] Add bug report to Kanban plugin, "Mark cards in this list as
    complete" should be "Enable archive checkbox" or something
  • [ ] Figure out internal hyperlinks

%% kanban:settings



Revision notes

  • 2023-04-05 - Mathew Lowry
    • We experimented with using kanban for the project, but ended up returning to airtable
    • so we closed all tasks here either because they're actually done or they are back in our ToDo list on airtable
    • the tasks nevertheless appear on the kanban, which is one reason why we went back to airtable