Site review 2023-01-10, Pete

a post in Pete's Project Journal

I'm doing a review of the site, partly for the "Check/Complete" tasks in the task tracker, and partly with the idea to generally tidy up the site.

Some thoughts:

  • use consistent capitalization for pages
    • tools and practices may have separate rules?
  • use ISO 8601 date format
  • use hashtags consistently
    • see the Tags pane
  • pro tip: consistency is achieved by writing down rules in the style guide (in consultation and discussion with all the participants)
  • delete pages that aren't really being used (empty, deprecated, etc.)
  • resolve the "front of house / back of house" issue, either by having two separate wikis (probably better), or by using something else like simple namespaces for each
  • move data files to _attachments
  • move files pages to root, get rid of files folder
  • move project pages to root, get rid of project folder
  • see "Repatterning page titles and tags" below

Repatterning page titles and tags

At the top of pages, rather than:

#tool: #pocket

(tag: tag)

I suggest:

# Pocket


(page title / tag)

2023-01-15 Some thoughts and comments by Bill

Whilst trying to construct a simple and usable Massive Wiki vault I re-read this internal blog post and have some thoughts.

  • Pete's comment above "... get rid of files folder": perhaps it is OK in a MaSVF wiki to have a files folder that is the one bucket for all newly created files?
  • perhaps the simple "Repatterning page titles and tags" suggestion is a primary organizing principle?
  • and also keep an _attachments folder for all (all?) the non-Markdown formatted files?

But what about all those other folders that I have created to organize my files? Yeah, that is a good question. But once I start thinking like this (one folder for Markdown files) I am reminded of the Hugo framework and its directory organization for the primary content directory and other folders for associated non-Markdown files, and the designated public directory for the html webfiles. This framework has some similarities to the current MassiveWikiBuilder (MWB) model. (Note: I think the MWB framework is better for Obsidian vaults since all Markdown in the vault is rendered as HTML.)

  • none of this resolves Pete's questions about one flat file space. One flat folder for a vault will result in a very long list in the left-hand sidebar. Does this force us to rely on search and tags to find pages?