Tools for Thought Map Project, 2023-03-03


  • welcome and check-ins
  • starting weekly calls
  • update and design questions for TftMap Builder
  • question from Hank about "Tools" and "Practices"
  • Sam Hahn's comment isso-1
  • how about a "Background and Resources" section on the wiki website?
    • "resources" content type?
  • Wendy McLean's Ecosystem map and publication process
  • hamburger menu disappeared

TftMap Builder

  • [ ] How to merge the static content (human-written) and dynamic content (as created by the code) on Tool and Practice pages. The slickest way might be to write the dynamic content to a separate page (e.g., Obsidian - who, and then transclude (embed) that page onto the tool page (e.g. To make that work, we'd have to implement transclusion in Massive Wiki Builder
  • [x] Sort order for auto-generated lists of tools and ratings sentences - discussed - decision:
    • [ ] #PK: sort by confidence for tools
    • [ ] tbd for practices


  • [x] #ML edit 'About' to make clear this is a pilot, changes here are not auto-reflected back into as a whole
  • [x] add kanban for project task mgt #PK (see Task board)
  • [ ] #ML explore 'how to add "recommended resources" to site, via profile'
    • add task to kanban
    • explore via blogpst
    • get comments
    • discuss
  • [ ] apply 'permanent version' feature to entire site? - add idea to kanban #ML

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Selected messages from chat

@Jerry - re symbol from God: I recommend Rebecca Goldstein “36 Arguments for the Existence of God: A work of fiction” - especially the Appendix.

pre Hypothesis, pre CRDT… 🙂

Waddington in me Brain:

never mind Ben Roberts’ big Kumu map…

we need ecosystem collaboration to move towards a collaborative ecosystem

this from my Brain:,_2021-05-25

(the view from Pete’s mast back when)

here’s a link:

Rich Burdon, DXOS, "frames"

"frames" have some similarity to Jeff Hawkins' "reference frames" in human brains

global problems require global solutions

from Doug: "integrating humanity with the Earth", "tsunami of information"

My own hunch is that we need to increase the cardinality of humans capable of participating

off topic:

Texas is a lovely case of capture on a million levels

Mollick posts a lot of good AI stuff recently

Another offtopic:

patterns… 🙂

and transclude the page in; nice!

extraclude! schweet!

if someone edits the compound page, will the changes show in the component pages?

Steven Pinker, The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined

OntoText graphs?

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